Stockholm/London, 11 April 2024. CORDET Capital Partners (“CORDET”) is excited to announce its recent investment, providing senior secured debt facilities to support MVI Fund II (“MVI”) in acquiring a majority stake in the Swedish firms DSolution and EasyPartner. This marks the establishment of a new Nordic IT infrastructure platform designed to serve SME clients. The founders of both companies will reinvest alongside MVI, enhancing the strategic alignment and continuity.

DSolution, established in 2005, has evolved from its origins in print and copy services to become a strong provider of various office management solutions in Sweden, with an emphasis on IT solutions and cybersecurity. EasyPartner, renowned for its offerings in Telephony and IVR, complements DSolution’s capabilities. Whilst each company will continue operating under its original brand, the combined platform aims to strengthen and broaden the IT infrastructure services available to Nordic clients.

MVI is an active growth investor dedicated to supporting driven entrepreneurs in the Nordic region. By emphasising value creation through enhanced competencies and knowledge, MVI prepares the groundwork for the next generation of Nordic enterprises. CORDET is honoured to be MVI’s chosen partner for debt financing once again in this buy-and-build strategy, marking our fourth collaborative investment with MVI since 2020. This transaction underscores CORDET’s ability to build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with prominent lower mid-market stakeholders.

The strategic investment in DSolution and EasyPartner is closely aligned with CORDET’s investment strategy, benefitting from stable contracted revenue streams and a diversified customer base. Moreover, this investment is further strengthened by favourable market trends in cybersecurity and digital transformation.

Since its 2013 launch, CORDET has focused with laser precision on Northern Europe’s alternative credit market. CORDET tailors private debt and direct lending solutions for mid-market companies with a stable record of cash flow generation. Based in London, Luxembourg and Stockholm, CORDET acts as a trusted partner to the companies it invests in, to ensure that they are optimally positioned to succeed. It makes a select number of investments each year, taking the time to thoroughly vet prospects and establish longstanding relationships with all stakeholders. CORDET has assembled a team of finance, risk and investment specialists to collaborate with investors and company executives to nurture mutual growth. For more information see