The CORDET team has deep experience across various sectors and a proven track record over several economic and credit cycles.

Our dedicated professionals have on average 20 years and in many cases over 25 years of specialist experience, with backgrounds and skills developed in areas such as debt investing, leveraged finance, and corporate finance.

Alongside CORDET’s Investment Team, our separate Credit Team gets involved early on and challenges new deal opportunities independently, establishing for a robust approval process, whilst providing visibility over deliverability for our partners.

Our senior advisors contribute a range of additional perspectives and further broaden the thought process behind every investment decision.

Final investment decisions are taken by our Investment & Credit Committee with an aggregate of over 170 years of formal credit and underwriting experience.

Chris Birt

Partner & Investment Professional

Emma Bohlin

Investment Professional

Christian Dybdahl-Ovesen

Partner & Investment Professional

Katrin Everett

Office Manager & Support

Rebecca Fels Larsson

Investment Professional

Herman Hannisdal

Investment Professional

Chloe Lei

Credit Professional

Jakob Lindquist

Managing Member

Magnus Lindquist

Co-Managing Partner

Sasha Nugent

Head of Investor Relations

Charlotte Riseley

Office Manager & Support

John Sealy

Chief Credit Officer

Sven Siemß

Investment Professional

Theano Stamou

Finance Professional

James Steel

Finance Professional

Nikolay Vasilev

Finance Professional

George Velikov

Chief Operating Officer

Jack Wakeling

Finance Professional

Henrik Wikerman

Investment Professional