CORDET is thrilled to see the difference that is being made by ZOV, one of its charity partners, in the lives of disadvantaged children in Bulgaria. Since 2006, ZOV has supported children who are growing up in institutional care, many of whom have suffered severe trauma. It also supports children with a range of disabilities and those at risk of abuse. Many children around the globe are currently struggling with remote learning and access to IT equipment, and it is great to see that ZOV is fighting to help some of the most affected in Bulgaria during the pandemic.

ZOV has been providing Christmas parties and presents to Children in Care for over ten years. This year with the help of CORDET, Dimi, and George Velikov, ZOV provided 165 children in 12 centres with Christmas presents and a party. We also raised enough to supply the Crisis Centre for Girls with IT equipment so they can join in our online mentoring and educational club, and continue to support the girls with their education.” –  Charlotte Healey, Managing Director, ZOV UK

We are also delighted that ZOV has won the Happy Childhood award in Bulgaria for a third year running because of their work during lockdown and the success of their online mentoring programme, described by the Child Protection Agency as one of the best initiatives they had seen in 2020.

Keep at it, ZOV!