CORDET was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing private debt, direct lending and alternative funding solutions to mid-market companies in Northern Europe while also addressing the need of many institutional investors for attractive risk-adjusted core income-focused credit investment returns. In 2017 CORDET successfully raised +EUR 400 million including its first direct lending fund and other segregated managed accounts. 

We are investors with credit focus. We originate, evaluate and structure our debt investments locally through offices in London and Stockholm and we seek to develop and maintain long-term and sustainable partnerships with borrowers, banks, intermediaries and financial sponsors.

Our primary focus is on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors through strong credit focus. We invest only in sectors we have prior experience in. As a result, our decision-making process is based on thorough fundamental, bottom-up analysis, conservative structuring and appropriate pricing.

We are aligned to our investors through performance-based rewards and by co-investing alongside them. We focus on contractual returns by capturing the illiquidity premium in non-investment grade (often unrated) private debt.

Our mission is to support our borrowers to make relevant, enduring and material improvements in their financial performance.

We aim to build a great firm which attracts, empowers and retains exceptional talent.

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  • Relationship-driven
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  • Flexible
  • Nimble
  • Responsive
  • Predictable
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