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All weather team with a proven track record over several credit cycles


Contact: Björn

7A Strandvägen 
SE 114-56, Stockholm 

Björn Börjesson Chief Credit Officer & ICC Member Swedish

Björn worked at Svenska Handelsbanken for 30 years in a number of different positions before retiring in 2011. As Executive Vice President he has been a member of the bank’s Group Management team since 1994 and at various stages has had the role of Head of Regional Bank of Southern Sweden, Chief Credit Officer for the SHB Group, Head of Markets division, Head of International division and during the financial crisis (from 2008 until his retirement in 2011) was responsible for SHB’s corporate governance and the Bank’s contacts with the authorities

Björn has been stationed in Stockholm and Malmö, but he has regularly visited all the bank’s units outside Sweden and kept regular contacts with central banks and supervisors outside EU in countries like China, Russia, Singapore and the US. Since retirement Björn has continued to be engaged in business and was appointed Chairman of the Board in Kommuninvest and is currently the Deputy Chairman of both the AP3 Swedish National Pension Fund and Swedfund International

Björn was educated at the University of Stockholm and received a Bachelor of Law degree in 1975. After a few years of district court training, he joined Lagerlöfs Law-firm (now Linklaters) and became a member of the Swedish Bar Association 1979.