About Us

CORDET is an alternative credit specialist offering private debt and direct lending solutions to smaller mid-market companies in Northern Europe, and core income-focused credit investment solutions for institutional investors.

CORDET aims to fill the financing gap left by banks and traditional credit providers that have receded from the European credit markets as a result of increased regulation and the global financial crisis.


Our primary focus is on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors through strong credit focus. As a result, our decision-making process is based on thorough fundamental, bottom-up analysis, conservative structuring and appropriate pricing.

CORDET's Philosophy

Our mission is to support our borrowers to make relevant, enduring and material improvements in their financial performance. We aim to build a great firm which attracts, empowers and retains exceptional talent.

CORDET's Values

The crisis of 2008 has fundamentally changed the world's financial landscape. The force of the crisis, and the way it quickly spread through the world economy, came as a shock to regulators...

CORDET's Background


CORDET Difference

CORDET originates, evaluates and structures transactions, and provides bespoke private debt solutions to stable, cash-generative mid-market companies by developing strong relationships with borrowers, owners and intermediaries. 

CORDET has long-standing relationships with owners of mid-market companies such as entrepreneurs and financial sponsors, and has the ability to opportunistically arrange and participate in financing packages to established non-investment grade issuers via loans, bonds and other debt solutions.

CORDET invests in markets and sectors we have prior experience in. We seek niche leaders benefiting from megatrends. Our focus is on the smaller mid-market, specifically companies with less than €250 million annual revenue or EV with a focus on €2-15 million EBITDA.

CORDET's flexible offering is often event driven and allows us to provide bespoke credit solutions to our borrowers. We tailor each financing package and provide borrowers with alternative access to financing.

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Some of Our Team

Specialist team with experience of +200 years; average of 23 years
George Velikov

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Birt

Partner & Investment Professional

Jack Wakeling

Finance Professional

Christian Dybdahl-Ovesen

Partner & Investment Professional

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